Web Log

Visual Progress


A lot of work has been done on the visual styling and behavior of my piece. I’m currently experimenting with ways to keep negative space in the composition as it builds. One method is to draw objects of the background color over the other objects, but I think this might rob it of some visual simplicity. Other ways I could do this involve erasing objects after time or just changing their color as the background fills. The colors here, incidentally, are generated randomly. I haven’t implemented a palette yet.


Performance is also getting to be an issue. The program doesn’t run quite as smoothly as I want it to, so I might try some alternative drawing methods with less overhead.



After seeing how these forms have evolved I’m now thinking about sounds to accompany them. Watching them spread reminds me of plant growth, so I’m leaning toward a soundscape evoking wind blowing through leaves and trees creaking in a forest.